Stayput companion care

Therapeutic rec specialists

STAYPUT is a therapeutic recreation companion service offering productive recreation and leisure services to seniors living with Alzheimer disease, Dementia or other age related illnesses or conditions.  

Our primary goal is to improve your life quality by helping you stay engaged, active and stimulated in your home and within your leisure community.  Our companions will work with you to learn or re-learn skills required to age at home and stay connected with family and friends.  We encourage, support and assist you in your leisure activities so that you will remain comfortable and confident in your decision to age at home.

As professionals, STAYPUT companions are carefully selected, screened, insured and trained in all aspects of senior leisure lifestyle care.  We work hard to assess your current interests and meet your future goals in a safe, secure, familiar environment.  Offering services in your home, in your community, in assisted living facilities or in long term care.  

STAYPUT companions are a dedicated group who are kind, compassionate and truly enjoy working with our senior populations. We are trained to assess your recreational needs, develop a personalized treatment plan, suggest recreation and leisure activities that will be most beneficial and then help you get the most out of those activities.  

When friends, family or neighbours are unavailable to help out, STAYPUT can!

Our companions love nothing better than to visit you in your home.  Maybe we could accompany you and your pooch for a walk around your neighbourhood or stay in to go through the newspaper or your photo albums.  We will also help with a meal or light housekeeping or run errands with you.  

We will work with you to recover, relearn or regain any physical, intellectual, emotional or social skills lost due to illness or misfortune.  We will suggest activities that will slow the decline of cognitive and physical functioning that are associated with Alzheimer disease and other dementias.   We offer independence, companionship and self-confidence to every client so that you can continue to safely age at home.

We also offer support and time away for your caregiver and peace of mind for your family whether they're next door, away for work or around the world.

Although we truly believe that the best thing for you is to stay in your home there may come a time when your medical needs no longer match our care capabilities.  At this time we will refer you to one of our trusted home-care partners. 

Our Mission

STAYPUT companions work with you and your care professionals to offer personalized and compassionate care through quality productive recreation and leisure services.  We strive to make a meaningful difference in your life by providing therapeutic care in your home and in your community so you can with confidence continue to age at home!

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